Wyo Theatre, Laramie official web page.


Wyo Theater assets for sale:

Front doors, cost $18,000; for sale at $10,000;

Barco 2000 projector for sale with upgrades, cost $32,000; for sale with all supporting audio electronics at $15,000;

For information: email@WyoLaramie.com

Photos of restoration, 2014-2017:

The Wyo Theatre, the beloved "Cheap Seats Place."

So what?

Laramie doesn't really care. So what if there's a new $10,000 heating system in the building with six forced-air plenums.

Laramie spit is complete: from the corrupt City Council...to "local" media like KOWB (which, in 2014 helped a former employee in Texas criminally harass the Wyo Theatre attorney in criminal 42.07 violation of Austin Police directive and written cease and desist order).

Two years later, in 2016, KOWB management again heard from their own parent company's corporate council in Connecticut: after a sick, Laramie taxi clown named Matthew Brammer (a self-publishing stalker of pregnant young girls) tried to "expose" the Wyo attorney on KOWB LaramieLive: so the lawyer would get more criminal harassment from KOWB employees and "fans".

With a child-stalker defaming the Wyo Theatre across 15 web sites, it's no wonder that in 2016, not one - of 10- Laramie PTA members even responded to an inquiry of whether (they) wanted a children's film series.

Who cares if the projection system has been upgraded (at a cost of $7000) so it can screen World Cup Soccer feeds via satellite... or Laramie kid's smartphone movies of their own town (so they could show off their creativity for $1 on Saturdays with their friends).

The owner of the Wyo Theatre doesn't want to need to carry a gun at work (for a "job" of running a second string movie theater he never wanted, but only agreed to save as a structure that could find a home in the future). The Wyo owner has more creative things to do- than be criminally harasssed in 2014... criminally threatened with violence in 2015... and then BE attacked in 2016 and watch Laramie police falsify a report to protect a woman like Meg Quillen of Torrington and Laramie who is "into" sex with animals. In 2014, she sent the Wyo owner a carefully worded death threat. In 2016, she coached her criminal boyfriend, Richard Neece of Arizona, "fingerprints, don't leave fingerprints" as he attacked the Wyo owner in his car in West Laramie(criminal actions which a coming Youtube video will show was covered up by conspiracy between investigating Laramie Police officers... recorded on their own videos).

So, spit town Laramie is too ____ up to even live in, let alone do business in; and this is coming from a third generation native whose family has given $3 million to local non profits over a decade.


You don't deserve foreign films, imported satellite and locally produced entertainment.

You deserve the mallplex; and a corporate-defined life as homogenous as the rest of Wyoming is sucking.

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